I began as a street photographer. Documenting lives of common people was what interested me. I describe my photography as fishing tiny pieces of existences out of ever flowing river of life.

I photograph on my artistic impulse. But looking back , I realize I do follow certain patterns. I strives to photograph that pure moment when a subject is unaware of surroundings lost within. I collected pictures of characters floating in a world of their own in series “They look at sea all day long”. It is a statement of our paradoxical state of existence between material and immaterial world .

I have another distinct style of framing a character within physical frame naming such series of pictures as “Do they live within windows or do I look through a window. These photographs initiatives interesting debate within myself. Are these subjects really living within a window and is it I who is looking through a window . This series is an exploration of how we construct the reality of I and others.

With time I introduced practice of ethnography in my work. Taking inspiration from ethnographic practices, I am documenting their ceremonies.


  • Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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